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Contract customer manufacture and packaging

We offer a complete Custom Sachet Packaging service. Within our facility, Briemar is able to package sachets for clients from a wide range of industries and in various sachet formats.

We can offer:

  • Packaging Material Advice.
  • Sachet Printing.
  • All Packaging Solutions.
  • Shelf Life Stability Testing.
  • All Regulatory Documentation.
  • Both Sachet packaging and Total Product manufacture

On behalf of contract customers, Briemar is able to offer custom & contract Skin Cleansing (Pre –Injection) Alcohol Swabs, Alcohol Wipes, Sterile Irrigation Solution sachets, Powder and Granule Sachets, Liquid & Gel Based Medicinal, Device or Cosmetic Sachets, Sterile & Non Sterile Wipes, Refresher Towelettes, Hard Surface Wipes and other sachets.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements & application.

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